Saturday, March 3, 2012

Money, it's a hit...

I need to find a way to supplement my income for the next few months - this particular Rosati's location isn't currently cutting it (I deliver pizza when I need extra cash). Perhaps moonlighting as a male escort service... no?  Bad idea?  Ok.  :-\

I can't tell you how many times I've looked for a way to make money online, and I've determined that you pretty much either a) need to be exceedingly good at something (writing, graphic design, affiliate marketing, etc.), or you need a "real" job which you can telecommute to.  I'm not interested in doing the kinds of things I would have to do to "get rich quick" online (which basically boils down to scamming money out of other people) - I just want to make a few hundred bucks a month.  That would be enough.

However, I've pretty much dismissed it as a real possiblity, at least for now.  I suppose I'll have to expand my IT support services, or perhaps start actually using the IT outsourcing company I'm a member of.  Hmm...


  1. Best way to make money online and easy is EBAY and Craigs List. Go through your old stuff. Your trash is always another persons treasures. LOL

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  3. I certainly have a lot of old stuff I could sell... but I'm hesistant to sell it, probably for the same reason I still have it. Heh.

    I'll have to take a look, though. If I can make some decent bucks selling stuff I never use, I may very well end up doing just that

  4. Watch an episode of hoarders. You will be online the next day. Lol